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An energetic team of six professionals who consider programming more than pure code writing. For us, coding is a constant challenge of finding perfect solutions for our clients' needs - a constant strive for new knowledge and creativity in creating cleaner, better and more efficient code.

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An agile, flexible and reliable service devoted to producing high-quality solutions and meeting our deadlines through personalized service, clear communications, persistence and efficient management.

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Our workflow

Our each project starts by setting up a unique front-end prototype, tailor made by our team to serve as a management system for the project. The prototype is at the centre of things, connecting every part of the project and every member of the project. It allows us to have a modular, agile development process. All tasks are connected to tickets, which are connected to modules and templates. Thanks to our prototype, we address the needs of every person involved.

This is how we do it


In our process, clients are not spectators, but active members of the team. The clients are involved in the project from start to finish. They have the means to:

  • overlook the entire development process in the prototype
  • review the design and see the evolvement of the project step by step
  • request changes during the process
  • see their visions come to life


Thanks to our prototype, the designers do not only provide static mockups, but can also work in the browser, do the fine tuning and provide quality assurance. The designers are able to:

  • make sure the design is translated into code
  • test the pages in their real environment - the browser
  • request changes during the development
  • test the responsive behaviour of the pages in all stages of the development on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers

Back-end developers

Back-end developers can also be involved in the process from a very early stage and interact with our front-end team. The flexible nature of our prototype ensures we meet the requirements of the back-end team, who can:

  • inspect, download and test the code at all times
  • discuss potential problems with the front-end in any stage of the process
  • request changes on a modular level
  • integrate the approved modules, even early on in the project

Project managers

For the project managers, our prototype also provides several key benefits. Project managers are at all times able to:

  • control every aspect of the project
  • have easy access to the tickets, which are connected to the modules and the templates
  • communicate with the team and the client quickly
  • overlook the state of the tickets and make sure the milestones and deadlines are met
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